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sixers-flagsWhen the 76ers needed championship banners for their state-of-the-art practice facility, they knew they could count on Metropolitan Flag & Banner. These giant hand-made applique banners are a beautiful example of what we can produce here at our Port Richmond shop. We look forward to producing more NBA World Champions banners for them over the coming years. Let’s go Sixers!

Philly Proud

Metropolitan_Philadelphia_ProudOver the past two years, Philly has had it’s fair share of world-class events. From the Pope’s visit to the Democratic National Convention and the NFL Draft, our great city has been busy enjoying it’s well deserved time in the national spotlight.  It’s no small coincidence that Metropolitan Flag & Banner has provided the flags and banners for all three of these events. We’re proud to be the company who gets the call when Philadelphia needs to look it’s finest.

We Now Offer Flatbed Printing!

Flatbed Printing with MetropolitanMetropolitan now offers flatbed printing. That means that in addition to our signs, flags and banners we can now print directly to Sintra, Coroplast, Sunbrella, Polycarb, Alluminum and just about anything else you can imagine (all with optional white ink printing). Have ideas for you business or event, but need a professional opinion? Give us a call and let’s get started today. We get you noticed!

What is a Flag Banner?

What is a flag banner? We have asked ourselves this question for quite some time before coming to any sort of resolution. When customers called about “flag banners” we would ask for clues:  “How does it fly?”, “What kind of pole does it need?”  To us industry folk a flag and a banner are two very different things.  A flag flies and is attached to a pole on one side while a banner is tethered down on more than one side or strapped to a wall.  After a little investigation we discovered, a flag banner is simply a little bit flag and a little bit banner.  It has a fly end and is strapped down usually on two sides.  A flag banner comes in a few different variations and all go by different names. See below images.

The first “flag banner” example  is a street pole banner.  The pole at the top with the tether bottom and the fly end create a look that seems to be a morph of a flag and a banner hence the flag banner nickname!  See more images of street pole banners here.

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The next example is a feather flag or an attention flag.  The pole rides all the way up one side and curves around creating a banner look while really only being held down on one side which would technically make it a flag but we can say it’s a little of both. You can find more information about Feather Flags here.

These are the two main types of flag banners that are most frequently requested.

What would you consider a flag banner? Let us know if there is anything we left out in the comments below.


Written by: Kelly Laughead

Underrated Material of the Century…

Drum roll pleaseee…Mesh! (I know you all were at the edge of your seats for that one)!

When training for my position at Met Flag I was overwhelmed by the amount of different fabrics and materials that can be printed on! My head was spinning each day as I walked out of that office! (Anyone that has dove into the printing world headfirst will understand this).

Anyways, one material that really stood out to me was mesh. (Caution: printing geek ahead)…In my opinion mesh is extremely underrated! I believe that customers are scared off by it because they think it will not print as nicely as a vinyl or cloth banners. Don’t get me wrong here, mesh is a different print but it still prints incredibly clear and gets the customers message across perfectly with the appropriate artwork (we only hire the best so don’t worry about that part)!

The BEST part about the wonderful, luxurious, talented, beautiful, (okay I’ll stop) mesh is that it allows for natural airflow! Yes, that’s right folks, NATURAL airflow! What this means for the customer is no more wind slits that usually get in the way of your message and sometimes can draw more attention to the wind slits than the actual text or image! Air just flows in and out of your banner, which adds to the length of your banners life because it is not putting as much pressure on your banner!

Want to know an added bonus to mesh?! (Okay, okay, I’ll share)! It comes in adhesive! Know that window graphic you’ve been wanting to cover the entire window but you don’t want to take away from the incredible natural light you get!? With an adhesive mesh you can achieve a window graphics while allowing for natural light to come in and out of your building. Pretty cool if you ask me (which I’m going to assume you are)!

Did I sell you on the mesh concept?! Want to know more!? Want us to send you a sample!? Give us a call or shoot us an email, you won’t regret it!


Thank me later.

Written by: Kaity Laughead