What is a Flag Banner?

What is a flag banner? We have asked ourselves this question for quite some time before coming to any sort of resolution. When customers called about “flag banners” we would ask for clues:  “How does it fly?”, “What kind of pole does it need?”  To us industry folk a flag and a banner are two very different things.  A flag flies and is attached to a pole on one side while a banner is tethered down on more than one side or strapped to a wall.  After a little investigation we discovered, a flag banner is simply a little bit flag and a little bit banner.  It has a fly end and is strapped down usually on two sides.  A flag banner comes in a few different variations and all go by different names. See below images.

The first “flag banner” example  is a street pole banner.  The pole at the top with the tether bottom and the fly end create a look that seems to be a morph of a flag and a banner hence the flag banner nickname!  See more images of street pole banners here.

hwnd ff fieldcopy

The next example is a feather flag or an attention flag.  The pole rides all the way up one side and curves around creating a banner look while really only being held down on one side which would technically make it a flag but we can say it’s a little of both. You can find more information about Feather Flags here.

These are the two main types of flag banners that are most frequently requested.

What would you consider a flag banner? Let us know if there is anything we left out in the comments below.



Written by: Kelly Laughead

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